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Acroynym for Do Not Print (or, for Net purposes, Do Not Post). This is more important in sf fan etiquette than in netiquette; in the latter, it is presumed that it is Bad Form to quote someone else's email on a bulletin board, although some people still sometimes make the error of doing so. While letters technically remain the intellectual property of the writer, most newspapers, magazines and fanzines assume anything submitted to them is for publication, so saying, “The following is DNP...” indicates that you are withdrawing any implicit permission to print that part of your missive.
Please consider my comments DNP.
by rich brown August 11, 2004
Did Not Play. A term used in team sports to describe someone who did not play at all during a game.
I got another DNP in the game today, when is coach going to put me in?
by MariaaB February 14, 2008
dicks and pussies. a strong bond of friend ship between sluts, masculinants, pervs, rotten kids,and pornstarz . they all love one another so much that its almost disturbing to the eyes of outsiders. beware. they laugh as if a hyiena gets slaughtered in the woods. not a pleasant sight. MAJOR STEEZ!

1. look at those dnp guys over there, so cool.
2. oh , the things i would do to be a dnp (sighh)
3.if only i looked as good as dnp do all day err day!
4. did you hear that loud, nasty cry? oh no, thats just dnp gigling over there.
by shiniquaquiaXOXO69 July 29, 2010
A political ideal founded by a young Danny X Danny X formed as a way to promote anti - semetism within British society, This was created in a Humanities Workshop in the school Danny X was known to have gone to. The DNP are currently an up and coming group who are recruiting members. They are known to be a civilised group who drink tea and calmly debate Jew's around warm fires, Danny X is widely known to be the supreme fascist leader of this party and a poster child for Neo Nazis. The DNP were created because of a one Callum Bickerton Green known as C-B-Jew who was known to be the reason for DNP hatred.
Honest Citizen 1:Who you voting for this year

Honest Citizen 2: Well a Jewish thieving dick ripped me off in his jewelers so i'll vote for the DNP
by Blackledge May 03, 2007
Dirty Ni@@er Pu$$y
The DNP hooker looks nasty
Queen of Spades
by OGRE T December 29, 2007
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