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Before it became an internet word, blog was a very strong drink of indeterminate recipe invented by sf fans, worse even than their Nuclear Fizz; like Monty Python’s Australian “fighting” wine, it is generally believed that blog is best left in the bottle so it can be used for hitting people over the head with.
He drank a large glass of blog and promptly fell over.
by rich brown August 11, 2004
Acroynym for Do Not Print (or, for Net purposes, Do Not Post). This is more important in sf fan etiquette than in netiquette; in the latter, it is presumed that it is Bad Form to quote someone else's email on a bulletin board, although some people still sometimes make the error of doing so. While letters technically remain the intellectual property of the writer, most newspapers, magazines and fanzines assume anything submitted to them is for publication, so saying, “The following is DNP...” indicates that you are withdrawing any implicit permission to print that part of your missive.
Please consider my comments DNP.
by rich brown August 11, 2004
Short for "5 by 5" meaning "loud and clear." Also used to mean "I'm okay" per Faith (Eliza Dusku), the dark slayer on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.
"I hear you five-by-five."

"I'm five-by-five with that."
by rich brown August 13, 2004
Verb form of the acronym GAFIA, which in sf fan use stands for "Getting Away From It All."

The shorter term "gafia" was coined by sf fan Dick Wilson and used as early as 1940 when there was a Loyal and Benevolent Order of Gafia. Originally intended to mean fans "getting away" from mundane activities to participate in fandom, it quickly flip-flopped and became the reverse -- fans who gave up fandom for more real world pursuits.
He had to gafiate when he entered college.


He hit the road to gafia when college began taking up all his time.
by rich brown August 08, 2004
Combination of fan and zine. Coined in 1940 by Maryland sf fan L. Russell Chauvenet to apply to the amateur publications put out by sf fans (as opposed to "prozines," the professional magazines). (Previously they had been called "fan magazines" but the new term was promptly adopted since "fan magazines" also meant professional magazines put out at the time about movie stars.) The term has since been coopted by any number of interest areas where amateur publications are involved, including but not limited to rock.
I used a mimeograph to publish my fanzine.
by rich brown August 08, 2004
Electronic fanzine; a "publication" whose primary medium is electronic, generally presented over the Internet.
John hopes to publish an ezine soon.
by rich brown August 11, 2004
Surprised/dazed/brought up short.
"I was croggled when you said you suggested using corn cobs inin lieu of toilet paper."
by rich brown August 11, 2004
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