Stands for DO NOT ANSWER. Do Not Answer(DNA) list is used to aviod answering phone calls from specific people. DNA list can be used mentally or by adding "DNA-" before the person's name on the phone.
F**k Tom, I am adding him to my phone's DNA list.
Hey Steve, guess who left me a voicemail, DNA-Tom.
by rk_tenn December 31, 2006
Abbreviation for "Da New Attorney". An attorney, usually young, with New York tude.
I just came back from jury duty and one of the guys on the case was DNA.
by Emil Gomez December 01, 2005
DeoxyriboNeucleic Acid, made up of chromosomes (see definition of chromosomes, genes)
"We've isolated the DNA from the solution. What do you want us to do next, sir?"

"Did you know that human DNA is over 90% similar with silkworm DNA?"
by isquil jackson April 06, 2003
n. paramedic code for "dyin' nigga act." an overly dramatic and obviously fake act of being in pain. usually performed by welfare abusing pieces of trash in a pathetic attempt to recieve morphine from the medics. this presentation is characterized by obnoxious moaning and groaning, incessant squirming, nonspecific symptoms and screaming in "pain" when the subject is touched anywhere on the body. when asked if they have a particular symptom, the subject will most certainly answer "yes" to nearly any symptom suggested.
medic: "so i understand your leg hurts, sir."
patient: "yeah, i think it done broke."
medic: "how about your head, does your head hurt?"
patient: "yeah, my head kinda hurts too."
medic: "do you have any chest pain?"
patient: (suddenly holding chest)"yeah. ...yeah! as a matter of fact i DO have some o' dat chest pain. been havin' it all day."
medic: (to partner)"dna."
other medic: (nodding, talking under his breath) "totally. this guy ain't gettin' shit from me."
by streetmedic September 01, 2005
DNA- used to identify fragments of human remains and catch criminals.
Interesting fact: I potato has DNA far more complex than that of a human
by Viveka May 25, 2004
Deoxyrebonucleic Acid. DNA is the genetic code in general for all living things.
"Imagine manipulating DNA....did I spell DNA's name right?"
by Dave March 26, 2004
The genetic makeup of any living thing. When spelled out, the full name of DNA is believed to have over 400,000 letters -- one phrase for each protien.
Using human DNA, scientists may be able to cure diseases and... Stuff.
by YD February 15, 2005

DNA is a band from long island new york and is a great mix between punk and metal (no they r not like good charlotte) LONG LIVE DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DNA is an awsome fuckin band
by FIEF May 07, 2003

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