Drugs 'n' alcohol
I don't have enough "DNA" in my system.
by Fagamus Maximus March 06, 2014
To leave your mark on an area or thing by either tagging, spitting, pissing etc.
hey yo let's DNA dat steezy wall near the dockyard.
by vacuuum6 December 12, 2010
National Dyslexic Association
Dyslexic satan worshipers dedicate their lives to santa (they need to go to DNA)
The three components of the male DNA are:
Dick-Nuts-Ass. A common misconception is that the DNA is some complex scientific compound whose purpose is to determine human characteristics,

but that's just not so.
While showering, Percy was careful to cleanse his DNA in the unlikely event of a date, later that night.

I told that motherfucker to lick my DNA.
by Curt Manners June 27, 2011
1. The molecule being painstakingly sequenced during the Human Genome Project. This molecule contains all the instructions necessary to program an entire human being, starting from a single cell.

2. The abbreviation for "deoxyribonucleic acid," or "deoxyribose nucleic acid", the deabbreviations of which are misspelt by pretty much anyone who isn't a scientist, a science teacher, or a nerdy student obsessed with science (I'm in the latter category).

3. "Data Not Available" - This is used to duck questions in a "funny" way, especially by the people who don't pay attention in class, but want to sound smart(er than they really are?).
Science Teacher: What is DNA?

Student: ...
Student: Data Not Available.
Science Teacher: You have to pay attention in class, then.
Later that day...
Mother: How do you spell the de-abbreviation of "DNA"?
Student: dioxiribonuicliec acid
Mother: And you are thinking of majoring in molecular biology in college?
Student: What's with the frequent mentioning of the word "DNA" all of a sudden?
by QPNC-PAGE April 24, 2010
An acronym used in the Hand Banana episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It stands for "Do Not into my pool, Assman."
Meatwad: What's a DNA?
Carl: It stands for "Do Not into my pool, Assman."
by FenderHnK August 20, 2008
(n)Semen. As in semen carries your DNA on it, so when you come, you are distributing your DNA all over the place.
Damn, bro i unloaded my DNA all over her face!
by robbrulz November 07, 2006

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