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A man who has difficulty achieving an erection without wearing some article of women's clothing is sometimes referred to as a "silkworm."
"My new boyfriend is rich and handsome, but he is a closet silkworm."
by running out of patience April 16, 2008
450 31
1) Women who slither though your soul and sucking acid through your heart.
2) A Parasite
by DillonD December 19, 2008
6 2
When a male covers his penis in cotton candy.
(Woman) "Darling, look away! That man is silkwormin!"

(Girl) "What?"
by CarnivalPerve March 20, 2010
10 11
Slang term for the streams of semen a man will sometimes leave on a woman after having sex with her.
"Oh man, I left silkworms all over her face last night!
by Michael A Kerni January 28, 2007
2 5