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Also known as DIPT, diisopropyltryptamine is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug of the tryptamine family that has the unique effect of screwing up your hearing more than visions. More of an audial effect, can cause ear ringing and sound distortion and tinnitus.
everything sounded so weird after that DIPT i took last night.
by BexST January 04, 2006
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Getting all wrapped in nice clothing.
Yo, I'm gonna dipt myself in Sean John tonight for the clubs.
by SMooVE April 15, 2004
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to "get dipt" to get nice threads and stride with pride

the fuckin best stone ever created
819 hornby street
Downtown Vancouver
yo mah ni**a i just got myself muh fu**in dipt muh fu*ka wiff muh fu*kin ROCA WEAR muh ni**a......
by DJ Whispa June 12, 2004
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