Acronym: die in a chemical fire

A more creative but unoriginal way to wish death upon some person or entity, meant to invoke the graphic image of burning to death in an inextinguishable blaze with no foreseeable outcome besides a slow and painful death.
"Steve is such an asshat, I wish he would just DIACF."
by fatforprom December 14, 2006
Top Definition
Die In A Car Fire

A friendly way to tell people that their existance on this planet is no longer needed, nor welcome.
Q: "Can I bum 10 buck off ya please?"

by AOMitri March 31, 2006
Die in a Chemical Fire
Johnny covers himself in glacial acetic acid and lights a match.

Johnny is (diacf) dying in a chemical fire.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Son to mother: "Mom, your hair looks like shit today."

Mom to son: "Oh Honey, DIACF."

They both chuckle as Mom saturates Johnny with hydrazine. She then kicks him into the fireplace and laughs.

The chemicals turn Johnny into a human emulsion.
by bdigi August 28, 2008
Die in a chemical fire. Used to shut someone down when they are trolling
Commenter: She sucks
Original poster: OMG FUCK YOU!
Commenter: diacf
by Roselynn November 11, 2007
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