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Die In A Car Fire

A friendly way to tell people that their existance on this planet is no longer needed, nor welcome.
Q: "Can I bum 10 buck off ya please?"

by AOMitri March 31, 2006
a.k.a.: "the geiz".

noun -
Someone who allocates vast quantities of resources, but accomplishes nothing. (i.e. starcraft )

Someone who TK's often, by use of frag 'nades.

Someone who is able to locate ANYTHING online.
"You hate working with the Geiz!"

ta|EhRGeiz PING:208 TK:78% 5/23 -8

AOMitri: sup geiz
EhRGeiZ X: eyyo AO!
AOMitri: i need a keygen for the DOS based 1988 game, Leisure Suit Larry. can u get it?
EhRGeiZ X: 1 sec
~~~2 minutes later~~~
EhRGeiZ X wishes to send file "LSL1_keygen.exe", do you accept?
by AOMitri October 13, 2004
Acronym for Full Fledged Roll-Out. What happens at LAN parties when playing Blizzard games like Starcraft:Broodwar & World of Warcraft. The term is derived from "ready to roll out!!!" which is what you hear when completed seige tanks exit the factory in Starcraft.
"We are getting ready to have a full-fledged rollout, so if you could just leave us alone for about 3 to 4 hours, that would be much appreciated, thanks!"
by AOMitri June 01, 2005

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