delta helta skelta
dhs (delta helta skelta) is a fraternity that ruins other fraternities days.
by johnnytsunamincds July 10, 2008
Top Definition
(US GOVERNMENT) Department of Homeland Security; cabinet level position created by the Bush Administration in 2003. One of the most costly and poorly executed reorganizations in US history, it essentially blew hundreds of billions of dollars on unrelated and pointless government projects intended to reward members of congress who sided with the president.

The DHS budget's largest line items are:

*the Customs and Border Protection (CBP)-20%;

*the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-19%;
*the Coast Guard (USCG; formerly part of the Department of Transportation {DOT})-18%;

*the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-12%;

*Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)-10%;

*Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)-5%.

(Percentages are of the FY 2011 DHS Budget--$57 billion
The DHS was created to bring most federally-controlled law enforcement bodies into one single, union-free, whistle-blower-free, department. Riders to the Homeland Security Act cost taxpayers billions in useless programs.
by Primus Intra Pares June 19, 2010
(Michigan) Department of Human Services - A place to go to apply for food stamps and other public assistance. Can be the most tedious or the most amusing hours of waiting possible, depending on clientele that day. Activities include counting the number of applicants that do NOT speak English and refuse to learn as compared to the ones that tell you what they are OWED from the state.
Person 1: I just went to DHS to apply for food stamps. No one in the waiting room spoke English.

Person 2: Yeah, well when I was there, I got to listen to two bitches yell about how their illegitimate children were going to starve after their caseworker told them to get a job.

food stamps welfare ebt bridge card lazy ass
by vrtljj August 21, 2010
Acronym: Dead Hooker Storage

The place you keep your dirty secrets, ie porn, drug, or dead hooker stash
Mom's pissed, she found my DHS.
by shitwig September 10, 2012
When someone does something stupid, you shake your head out of embarrassment. A double head shake.
Your in class and your friend farts loudly next to you.... D.H.S.
by yahoodya November 21, 2011
Abbreviation for either Deltona High School or Deland High School used by students of either institution or other high schools in the area
It's kind of retarted that both Deltona High and Deland High both call themselves DHS
by DangerousZANE July 06, 2006
How about rather then everybody clustered together naming Their High School, so rather just have 1, person put simply, DHS. Abbreviated to name any high school that starts with a D.
DHS: Means my school, donkey Halfs sch0okfrfirn
by ZmOnStar September 15, 2009
An acronym to describe a female friend or other girl that you know. DHS, Down. Hot. Single.
Jon: Dude...there were so many DHS girls there last night.
Michael: I know right, this one girl was so DHS I just couldn't resist.
by DHSCreator June 19, 2009
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