Designated Grenade Fucker

someone who has sex with ugly fat girls as a favor so his buddys can get with her hot friends, almost like a wingman for large groups
Dont worry my boy Briggs is a DGF and will jump on that shit
by bcavss September 02, 2010
acronym for Don't Give A Fuck
1. Those faggot cocksuckers still got it in for you.

2. So? I DGF.
by Curtis E. Beer January 22, 2010
simply put "Don't give a fuck" is what it stand for.
“As I flip the strip with a joint on my lip…and a cute honey dip with a grip on my dick. Got me singin’ like a singer, swingin’ like a swinger…this is the D.G.F. style so put up your middle finger.” Total Devestation 93'
by t mony March 10, 2008
Dads Go First
Person 1- There's a giant bug on my driveway!
Person 2- Make your dad go first!
Person 1- DGF
Person 2- DGF
by IsabelleIsabear January 01, 2014
Don't Give a Fuck .

also short for ' I Dont Give a Fuck ' or ' IDGAF '
Woman: Sir, My Daughter Just dies In My Arms !

Man: DGF , Lady .
by freakaazoidd January 19, 2009
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