An acronym denoting a certain lifestyle. It stands for Dildo-Grabbing Ass Fucker.
Hey look at that DGAF decal on that bro's truck! He thinks it's cool to be a dildo-grabbing ass fucker!
by fish_stix July 10, 2008
yeah i DGAF. i DO give FUCK...
why do you say DGAF

because i DO give a Fuck
by so cal b January 04, 2010
maddy rose bodif

*doesnt give a fuck*
Maddy really Dgaf.
why is maddy dgaf always?
i admired maddys dgaf attitude.
by g fab June 10, 2008
Dont give a fuck
omg i cant belive this word is already on urban dictionary when I STARTED this in 2005 maybe some other people thought of the same thing later on just like i started GTFO xD.

Yeah well anyway

person 1: Hey are you comnig into city centre tomorrow we are guna see a really good film,

Person 2: err i dunno ive got some coursework to do.

Person 1: I DGAF you betetr coem we planned this for like a month.

numebr 2:

person 1: omg you're such a fag

person 2: i know hehehe xD DGAF
by Conor_metalhead September 21, 2008
Acronym standing for "Don't Go Away Forever". Often written in yearbooks at the end of senior year.
"OMG James! Chemistry with you this year was unforgettable! Have fun at college! DGAF!"

"I can't believe you're moving to Colorado, bro! DGAF!"
by James Rowen September 16, 2008
A term invented by the Kottonmouth Kings which literally means "Don't Give A Fuck," although it means the whole lifestyle that goes along with it.
Yo, we gonna throw down some DGAF shit
by puntang master August 18, 2004
"Don't Give A FCUK"
"Don't Give A Fizzle"
"Don't Give A FUCK"
Get outta here Mr. DGAF.
DGAF! Bro! Betta move on.
by Zia October 26, 2003

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