DGAF is an acronym for dont give a fuck. It is basically what immature lifted truck driving pot smoking douche bags call a lifestyle. They claim that it means not caring what people think and living life how they want to. Thats fine but no one really cares that they want to drink coors light, smoke pot, and wear socal shirts.
"Hey bro i just layed down 3g's on a new lift for the ford. It was three months salary and ill never go offroading but I dgaf."
by Hopglock33 January 31, 2009
"Don't Give A Fuck."

Literally, you do not give a single fuck.

A term for when others are judging you but you couldn't care less, because you have your people 24/7, for life, bitch.
Got work tomorrow? Bitches I DGAF....I'm gonna go drink with my BFF and take shots of fireball all night long, ZERO FUCKSSSS
by Corgifest September 27, 2014
Pronounced: dee-gaf

Dgaf stands for don't give a fuck!
Example One
Kim: You just stomped on my foot as you walked past.
Tim: DGAF!

Example Two:
Sentence: Man I was DGAF about that girl last night.
Translation into proper english: I didn't give a fuck about that girl last night
by Doin'It May 10, 2012
(Don't) Give A Fuck. A style of not giving a fuck in which actually giving a fuck is sometimes applicable, but only in necessary situations.
I (D)GAF about them bro.
by yoyocab February 04, 2010
dont give a fuck. stupid white boys with a bad life and shitty perents that want to get high and drink and fuck and not get an education....DGAF = retards who ride dirt bikes and hit their girlfriends and think they are g's but they just sit at home and eat cheetos and talk shit.... if they were true dgaf they would be dead or in prison
DGAF hommie kottonmouth kings.. fuk bitchez blaze blunts irvine homie im down 2 get naked nd drink beer fite me dog... oh and i hate black people nigga nigger dgaf dont give a fuck
by KesnbR123 August 14, 2011
When stupid, annoying ass bros use this term. It means Don't Give a Fuck and they think they are cool by saying it.
Dude the annoying ass bro puts DGAF all over his page thinking hes fucking cool.
by Ca.Ri November 12, 2009
Acronym for 'Don't give a fuck' - verb
My girlfriend broke up with me so I went to the strip club and dgafed all night.
by Dgaffer August 30, 2011
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