Abbreviations Meaning Dont give a fuck, my friend steve has it tatoo'd on his lip
"Oh u see jonny today, Yeah he D.G.A.F"
by Rockstarenergydrink April 05, 2008
Don't give a f*@k
similar to (D GAS)
when you REALLY don't care!!
Prounounced DEE GAF
When someone confronts you about something that you are annoyed by, you reply "D GAF".

Commonly used in southern Cali by most teenagers
compliments of Taylor
by Toohotfrmphx August 04, 2007
don't give a fuck, It's when you don't care what other people think and do your own thing. It's mostly used as a code word, when writing.
In a note:
person 1: Did you here that guy talking shit about your car?
person 2: Man I d.g.a.f.
by mechell d. February 22, 2007
The act or expression of not giving a fuck.
That naked guy over there is so DGAF.
by Dgafpirate June 07, 2007
Perhaps, the most retarded acronym in the world.
Kid 1: Man, DGAF about school.
Kid 2: Dude, you're fucking retarded.
by niggerlover310 April 18, 2009
a short term for saying "DONT GIVE A FUCK"
that girl candice DGAF what people say about her
by ecaz March 22, 2008
Something insecure people use when a lot of fucked up shit happens to them, as a way to cope with/disguise their pain. Also something a lot of chongas use as their last name on Facebook.
"Hey man your a one-armed orphan and you were just diagnosed with tuberculosis and your girlfriend cheated on you with your dead puppies corpse. You never graduated high school and you live in a garbage can behind the supermarket where you suck dick for breadcrumbs, rolled in semen. And your deaf in one ear. Just sayin."
"Dgaf T_T"

LexiSluttychongaaa chick Dgaf
by Sir Queefington DaTrololo October 03, 2011
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