don't give a fuck, It's when you don't care what other people think and do your own thing. It's mostly used as a code word, when writing.
In a note:
person 1: Did you here that guy talking shit about your car?
person 2: Man I d.g.a.f.
by mechell d. February 22, 2007
Top Definition
DGAF originated in the South Bay by Chucky Chuck and Gillies... It means "Dont Give A Fuck" and a whole lot of people are trying to claim they started it....its all bullshit
For Example, when a LAME talks shit about you, normal people would get their feelings hurt...but a person with a DGAF personality would brush it off and get the fuck over it....
by Lily Feil November 15, 2004
Don't Give A Fuck

DGAF is a lifestyle. DGAF doesn't mean that you don't care about anything but getting fucked up... it simply means that you don't give a fuck what people think of you. You do what you want because of you.

Just because you DGAF doesn't mean you are an ignorant person who only cares about doing stupid things. To DGAF means you do what YOU want to do, regardless of other people's asshole opinions.

Originated by South Bay OGs Chucky Styles and Gillies
I'm on some DGAF shit
-D Loc

by Kali Kween September 19, 2006
DGAF is an acronym which means "Don't give a fuck". Since the term was coined, people have turned this term into way of life. They often indicate in one way or another that they are living the DGAF lifestyle. These people should not be taken seriously and are more often than not, retards. They listen to Kottonmouth Kings, smoke copious amounts of marijuana and drive gigantic white ford trucks.
Joe: Hey isn't it funny how all those froders and brohos are living the DGAF lifestyle. Apparently the DGAF lifestyle consists of smoking weed all day and drinking cheapass beer. Its okay though, they'll move onto speed and meth in a few years and end up stealing all the shit in my house.

Bob: Yeah, people like them make manditory sterilization sound like a good idea.
by Skeeter McDougal November 23, 2005
a short term for saying "DONT GIVE A FUCK"
that girl candice DGAF what people say about her
by ecaz March 22, 2008
The term DGAF coined by Chucky DGAF Styles. It's a lifestyle, people who are dgaf dont care JUST about getting fucked up and doing stupid things, but they really dont give a Fuck about peoples pointless fucked opinions. nough' said.
This Is Life, This Is How I'm Livin, It's Just Me, And This Is What I've Been Given, So What The Fuck You Trippin' On Me For, You Needa Raise The Fuck Up Off Me Dude, Cause I'm A Psycho, Lunatic, Lost In The Brain, Some Might Say Too Much Cocaine, But This Is Just Me And How I Is, So Gimme 5 Feet, And Mind Yo Biz."

Chucky DGAF Styles - Mind Yo Biz.
by 15deathwish15 February 28, 2008
Don't Give A Fuck, don't care
Me: Man isn't that your girl kissing that guy over there?

Friend: No, I DGAF, we broke up last week.
by Bigtkill April 22, 2008
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