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DFWT: (Dumb Fuck in a White Truck)

(Noun) A person driving a large, environmentally unfriendly pickup truck, typically colored white, that drives like a total asshole, or doesn't know how to drive much at all.

Typically found in places where white trucks and oil/gas workers are found, they do tremendous damage to you, but usually drive away if they're able to.

First recorded cases can be traced to Carlsbad, New Mexico where the first DFWT could be seen driving a beat up Chevrolet 1500.
Me: "This fucking DFWT hit me, now I'm fucked because he decided to drive away like nothing fucking happened!"

You:"Ever heard of no-one cares?"
by Epsilon1 February 01, 2014
Dont Fuck With That
That's my bestfriend dfwt
by assface443 July 07, 2016
Dont Fuck With That
Thats my bestfriend dfwt
by assface443 July 07, 2016
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