Definite Fleacollar Tanline- a girl who is dog ugly
"You see Hills girl last night?"
"Yeah. Nice ass but she had a D.F.T."
by Dragonracer September 11, 2006
Acronym for "dude, fuck that." Used in place of an unmistakable 'No' or 'No way in Hell.'

Can also be used when something so grotesque or appalling is seen or heard that you want it to stop.
Person 1: Have you been to

Person 2: DFT
by rantone September 13, 2007
Dont Fuckin' Trip
"Cris I wish you'd stop getting big in the post"
"DFT Julius i'm just trying to get the rebound"
by cflres23 July 02, 2009
Dream Fucking Team; May also refer to the DFTA: Dream Fucking Team and Associates.
No one would ever dare fuck with the DFT and their community bitches...
by djsowerpuss November 03, 2010
Down for Train
Mark, Justin, and Mark came to the conclusion that Heather was DFT.
by TallyMan July 10, 2008
dugg for truth
Commenter: Dude, this article is awesome.
Reply: DFT
by cidinho May 20, 2009
DFT stands for "Dirty Five Thirty". "Dirty Five Thirty" is the 530 area code. The 530 area code is known mostly for the production and usage of marijuana and methamphetamines.

DFT is also a brand by Eliott and Justin of the Redding, California.
Example 1: Dood, lets go get some dope from the DFT.

Example 2: You see Justin wearing that DFT shirt? It's hella dope.
by theLAOdood February 06, 2007
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