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Acronym for Dance Floor Make Out. Resulting from accidental close contact and banging beats; alternatively, strategically planned as a gateway for 'bigger and better' things. Easily dismissed and not countable as a hookup.
1. We were grinding and I accidentally DFMO'd with a frosh. But it's ok, everyone was too drunk to notice.
2. There was just so much DFMO that I had to get out of there, or make out with BillyBigAss, and that just couldn't happen.
by PhantomOfTheGoogooplex October 14, 2009
"Dance floor make-out". Usually occurs under the influence of alcohol. Most of the time a DFMO is voluntary, but they can also occur when a drunkard grabs your face and starts making sweet sweet love to it.
That drunk asshole totally stole a DFMO from me at the bar last night!

by Ali W December 29, 2006
Dance Floor Make Out. The act of making out with a girl while drunk on the dance floor.
"Check out Johnny over there. He's been dancing with that chick all night and now he's getting a DFMO.
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
An acronym which stands for "Dance Floor Make-Out," an act commonly found at parties and clubs, particularly when alcohol is involved. It is generally sloppy and includes a large amount of P.D.A. Common results of D.F.M.O. participation include: regret, shame, self-loathing, rejection, and public knowledge of your make-out affairs.
Did you see that major D.F.M.O. between John and Krissy at the party last night? They were so wasted.
by partyinpartyinyeah March 22, 2011