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"Dance floor make-out". Usually occurs under the influence of alcohol. Most of the time a DFMO is voluntary, but they can also occur when a drunkard grabs your face and starts making sweet sweet love to it.
That drunk asshole totally stole a DFMO from me at the bar last night!

by Ali W December 29, 2006
Acronym for Dance Floor Make Out. Resulting from accidental close contact and banging beats; alternatively, strategically planned as a gateway for 'bigger and better' things. Easily dismissed and not countable as a hookup.
1. We were grinding and I accidentally DFMO'd with a frosh. But it's ok, everyone was too drunk to notice.
2. There was just so much DFMO that I had to get out of there, or make out with BillyBigAss, and that just couldn't happen.
by PhantomOfTheGoogooplex October 14, 2009
Dance Floor Make Out. The act of making out with a girl while drunk on the dance floor.
"Check out Johnny over there. He's been dancing with that chick all night and now he's getting a DFMO.
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
An acronym which stands for "Dance Floor Make-Out," an act commonly found at parties and clubs, particularly when alcohol is involved. It is generally sloppy and includes a large amount of P.D.A. Common results of D.F.M.O. participation include: regret, shame, self-loathing, rejection, and public knowledge of your make-out affairs.
Did you see that major D.F.M.O. between John and Krissy at the party last night? They were so wasted.
by partyinpartyinyeah March 22, 2011
DFMO, stands for 'don't fuck me over' a term used my girls to tell people to not fuck them over, usually not naming a person. Having everyone ask for an @___.
Did you see her Twitter last night??

this bitch subtweeted about me, look "DFMO this time and maybe we could work things out"
-bro shes giving you a second chance, ask for an @ to make sure
by Pussyboyseldon March 31, 2016
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