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The limp, flaccid penis that occurs as a result of too many alcoholic beverages
"I brought this chick home from the bar but we couldn't do it because I had rum dick"
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
Dance Floor Make Out. The act of making out with a girl while drunk on the dance floor.
"Check out Johnny over there. He's been dancing with that chick all night and now he's getting a DFMO.
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
When a guy returns to his hometown after an extended leave of absence (due to work/travel/school etc) and bangs a chick that he hasn't seen in years.
"So i'm home for the weekend and i'm at the bar and I run into Chrissy who I haven't seen since junior high. We have a few drinks and reminisce over old times and next thing you know we're in bed together and i'm scoring a hometown classic!!"
by PMchoisi June 09, 2009
The abbreviated version of "momentary penetration". A very quick sexual encounter.
Jenny's mom was coming up the stairs so I only had time for a "mome pen"
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
A term meaning to go out and have a cigarette. A shortened version would be to go out and have a dart.
"Let's head out to the patio for a dartez kennedy"
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
An exceptionally bad case of diarrhea. Usually following a disgustingly fat and greasy meal.
"After eating the entire can of corn beef hash I had to sprint to the can to have a monstrous dia dog"
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009
The largest vein in the penis. Once the penis has become erect, the blue/purple vein becomes clearly visible.
"Seeing that chick naked got me so hard that my main vein was just bulging!!"
by PMchoisi June 08, 2009

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