DEHS is know as Dysfunctional Emo Hair Syndrome according to my friend Juliana anyway...
Juliana: i have DEHS

Juliana: Dysfunctional Emo Hair Syndrome

Lyndsay: lol

Juliana: no matter how i try to flip my hair out of my face it always goes back
by Lyndsay&Juliana April 27, 2007
Top Definition
The verbal response to someone who does or says something stupid, idiotic or asinine.
Dave turns to walk out the door to my office, but instead runs into the wall.

My response: "DEH!!"
by Mr Bowie and Mr Baines August 13, 2008
The necessary verbal form: am, are, is...
I am on the phone - I deh pon de phone

The planet is on war - The planet deh pon war

Oh every second you are on my mind - Oh every second you deh 'pon my mind
by nocker June 13, 2008
This is the West Indian way of saying THE
I want to go to Deh mall
by Demoy June 23, 2006
1. a tribal call issued by one roommate to another during the early hours of the day in order to get their attention

2. an explosion of verbal approval, usually issued by a mentally imbalanced individual

3. an expression of indifference when caught red-handed in a precarious situation and there's nothing else that can be said to defend oneself

4. an insult issued in anger, telling another person to "die"
Roommate 1: Deh! You want to grab a burger?

Roommate 2: Sure.

Roommate 1: Deh!


"Deh! Have a nice deh, to-deh!"


Roommate 1: I just saw you drink all of my beer, dude!

Roommate 2: Deh.
by weidenbaum January 19, 2010
Dysfunctional Emo Hair Syndrome
Juliana:i have DEHS
Juliana:Dysfunctional Emo Hair Syndrome
Juliana:no matter how i try to flip my hair out of my face it always goes back
by Lyndsay&Juliana April 27, 2007
Stands for Dysfunctional Emo Hair Syndrome. Disorder that affects both emo kids and non-emo kids. It's basically when you have long bangs that won't come out of your face no matter how hard you flip them out.
Ich, it's not my fault my hair's in my face, I have dehs!!
by Juliana P. April 27, 2007

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