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Gothenburg wigger slang. Short for definitely. Also used instead of "for real", when wanting to point out that something is very true or given.
- I deffo need some weed right now.


- This crib rocks!
- Deffo!
by Japfreak January 03, 2004
45 39
(short for) definitely (esp. in web chat and texting)
I'll see you there, deffo
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
192 62
Kinda lame but useful and funny way of saying for sure or definately.
Also; fo deffs, def, deffy def, deffo McDefferson.
U comin tonite?
by Jake May 08, 2005
70 53
Short for definately.
Said in normal conversations.
"I'm defo keen to get fucked up."
by Diego August 30, 2003
48 41
The combination of definitely and go.
Should we move forward on this deck? Deffo.
by par ez January 11, 2013
6 3