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short for problems.
- "Can I come along?"
- "No probs"
by Japfreak January 07, 2004
failed 30-somethings
The college party was packed with 30-nothings
by Japfreak February 28, 2005
Gothenburg wigger slang. Short for definitely. Also used instead of "for real", when wanting to point out that something is very true or given.
- I deffo need some weed right now.


- This crib rocks!
- Deffo!
by Japfreak January 03, 2004
the opposite to introduce
- This party sucks. Can you outroduce me?
by Japfreak January 26, 2005
As defined by Angela Ramaccioni (Italian punk-drummer):

"Dramaticool defines a pessimistic and pensive person who still loves and believes in life with all his/her soul... can also be used as an adjective for other things"
"James Dean is dramaticool"


"Eternal sunshine for a spotless mind is a dramaticool movie"
by Japfreak April 24, 2005
also spensy, xpensy or xpensi. Derive from eXPENSIve and means the same thing.
- Oh man, that drink was spensy! But then again, that underaged boy sure could use it.
by Japfreak February 13, 2005
winer (plu. winers)... or to wine (verb)

One who whines and dines; typically drinking cheap red wine out of a bag-in-box (for example Monsieur Rouge)
- He's just been wining since his girlfriend left him
by Japfreak February 12, 2005

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