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Jarquavious: Man, I thought that chick was pretty good looking from across the street. Then I got up close and realized she was a hag.

Laquardrick: DDW, dude.
by OG Henny Loc November 24, 2008
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Distance Does Wonders - when you spot a person of the opposite sex from afar that may strike your interest due to an attractive physique. However, once you move in closer to investigate, you notice the funkiness of the persons face.
It is also known as "good from afar, but far from good" or if you're in desperate need of a nut it can be a preface to a one bagger.
whoa. check her out, across the street!! she looks amazing... we'll catch her at the next light.

damn... she's D.D.W.
by giggah what? August 23, 2007
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