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Usually teenagers, a DBZer is person who tries to learn how to fight and how to use Chi to hone their fighting skills by imitating what they see on Dragon Ball Z.
"That DBZer over there is trying to power up before he fights Billy behind the school."
by Jib April 12, 2004
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Origin: BYOND.
A DBZer is a generally intellectually inferior human being. They often resort to netspeak, being unable to coherently get their point accross. They typically love DBZ and Zeta. When trying to develop a DBZ game of their own, they typically offer "GM" status (A position meant to abuse players).
d00d lol u wnna hlp me make n orginel dbz gme? plzplzplz, ill give u gm lvl 5643! im NOT a dbzer, rlly, im not!
by HavenMaster December 29, 2003
A loser who plays and rips dbz games on byond
all those DBZers are flooding the hub with crapy zeta rips again
by Repiv November 26, 2003

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