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A Darg is a awesome person who is just like so amazing.
Every girl wants to date a Darg because they're just that cool.
Do you know a Darg?
That awesome guy with that awesome hair.
Yeah That's a Darg.
by ZeDaaarg March 19, 2010
A night where any male fails to receive any kind of sexual act from a woman, fat, or otherwise. It is normally succeeded by a massive wank.
Last night was DARG. Not even a fellatio.....
by Beefington March 24, 2007
a day's work
In order to make an honest day's pay, you have to put in an honest darg.
by weave September 22, 2003
a homie that wants to take it to the dome (drink a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time). also known as a dog, except a more beligerent expression of this term. if you are down to get down, you are most likely a darg. this term, darg, originated from The steve, or Bulldog steve.
"are you down to get down dargy darg?"
"wassup darrreegegeggh"
"take it to the dome, darg"
by wellzydar November 13, 2007

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