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Drunks Against MADD Mothers is yeahois. For the definition of yeahois see yeahois.
1.) DAMM is my favoritest club ever.
by Flip March 04, 2005
The sound when you see someone really hot.
Damm! Look at her! She has it all!
#hot #good looking #pretty #smoking hot #beautiful
by Smacknshit November 20, 2011
1.nice body

2. perfect face
Damm she got a big booty
#nicki minaj #booty #thick #sexy #flawless
by butterfly_2001 March 28, 2015

Someone that sleeps more than 12 hours
Someone who owns a cafe in his room(At Damm's)
Damm is someone who is never on time
I feel damm sleepy.
I need to sleep a lot.
I'm late, I'm damm
#lazy #late #bartender #coffe #sleep
by Saleee March 18, 2011
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