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Short for "Dumb Ass Mother Fucker"
"The guy's jacking off over kiddie porn? Man, he's suck a fucking DAMF"
by Alhadis June 24, 2004
47 10
An alternative version of the word BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker) DAMF is Dumb ass Mother Fucker
Iron man is a BAMF definitley.

"that guy just ran into a parked car, hes a DAMF"
by brucebruce319 May 15, 2010
20 4
Drunk ass mother fucker
West is a DAMF tonight.
by westcoast May 04, 2007
20 10
A person who is a dumb ass mother fucker all at the same time!
Man, Tim sure is a DAMF!
by b-dubb April 24, 2007
9 8
dope as a mother fucker
no one can compete with me because im damf
by coolest bro around June 28, 2011
3 4
A Dirty-Ass Mother Fucker
Our guests were appalled at the smell of the room last night. The guy who has been using that room left rotting chinese food laying around. He's a real DAMF.
by Whino9 May 25, 2011
0 1
(Prounced: dumuff)Known as a Dumb Ass Mother Fucker. When someone is a dumbass and a Mother fucker combined
It would be like someone sending a hate letter and signing their name, DAMF.
When someone is dumb (dumbass) and Mean (mother fucker) at the same time.
by A. Tedder November 28, 2007
2 8