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An alternative version of the word BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker) DAMF is Dumb ass Mother Fucker
Iron man is a BAMF definitley.

"that guy just ran into a parked car, hes a DAMF"
by brucebruce319 May 15, 2010
It can mean two things:

1. simple fact of getting head from some trick cause theres no one else around at the moment.

2. a pointless insult meaning the same a trick just adding head to it to make it sound a tad funny.
Guy: "i got some trick head last night at the party cause i was to drunk to work for better"

"shut up trick head"
by brucebruce319 May 16, 2010
when you say something to some and your kinda joking but kinda being serious.
*you see a chicks vagina*
and you say "whys it so hairy? thats kinda sick"
chick: "excuse me?!"
you:"ah chill out its just a tid bid joke.
by brucebruce319 May 15, 2010

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