The Original strand of A.I.D.S. brought to and spread around the continental United States by Denise. Beware- There is no know cure other than cutting your dick off.
I heard you messed around with Jim, if thats true, you should get tested, I heard he has 3rd generation DAIDS
by An Extremely Concerned Party January 11, 2008
Downsyndrome and A.I.D.S combined.
I walked up to a kid that looks like he had downsyndrome and I said hey you must have daids.
by Alex Lambros April 23, 2006
Short for Digital Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome, or Digital AIDS. A form of AIDS "contracted" by being too close that you consider disgusting. Many sub-classes exist, including Counterstrike D-AIDS, the most common form.
0MG! I AR3 T3H 1337 PWNZ4R5!!!111one1

Dude, don't touch me. I don't want your D-AIDS.
by Joystick Hero June 26, 2007
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