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Strong Mad's misspelling of "Dragon" in one of the classic sb_emails.
He Comes in the Niiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhh
by welting November 28, 2003
1.An Etched version of "Dragon" Strong Mad writes from sbemail trogdor when he checks hw the other "students" are doing
2. should explain it
strong mad.... you just keep doing your thing
by DeltaZ July 01, 2003
To give up, or entirely avoid, trying to instruct/enlighten a person because it's likely to be too much work.
Strong Mad: ::etching DAGRON into a desk::
Strong Bad: Strong Mad? You keep on doing your thing, man.
Incompetent employee: I've been copying and pasting data from the database into Word in order to build this ridiculously long set of database insert statements.
Competent employee: You know there are tools you can use to do that more intelligently?
Incompetent employee: There's what I can what to what?
Competent employee: ::walks away, shakes head:: Never mind, just keep plugging along, sport.
by PositiveZero June 19, 2008
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