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When you take your cock and slap it against some bitch's cheek. Also known as a Mushroom Slap.
Yo, that bitch be tripping, I'ma straight d-slap her back to the hoe-age.
by The Invisible Choirboy August 22, 2003
the act of taking one's (yours or a friend's) penis and slapping another (does't matter who) in the face with it. Often people d-slap someone who has passed out drunk or is just asleep.
"don't make me d-slap you"
"dude just d-slap em"
by laxbrah January 25, 2009
What happens when a teacher catches you in the act of not paying attention, using foul language, doing something bad, or... being a dick... Also reffered to as getting dick slapped, slapped in the face, slapped really hard, muffed, snuffed, mugged, ect.
Anthony: Dude what where's Luke?

Matheo: Oh I think he's still getting D-Slapped in English for whacking.
by bocaj drows January 07, 2011

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