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A slang word for weed.
"Yo last night the cops busted my ass for carrying some cux"
by A.froman July 27, 2009
An unidentifiable repulsive substance. Or a splattering of smelly matter that stinks so bad you can't get close enough to identify it.
What is that shit? Man I don't know... smells like CUX!
by J.T. Naylor October 13, 2006
The act of masturbation or pleasuring oneself by touching one's genitals with a household object. i.e spoon, blender, hose, toothbrush.
1] I cuxed with a calculator last night! It was fucking awesome!
2] Did you hear that Susie can cux? I heard she uses a eyelash curler!
by Me April 12, 2004
Dick, Luna for pienis, said kuks.
That guy's got a huge cux.
by Lunavir April 03, 2009
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