Vallejo (crest side) term for a friend that is associated in ones group. also spelled "cuddie" (depending upon ones preference) Term can be heard throughout many of the late great Mac Dre's songs, aswell as many other associated rappers in the bay area.
"cutthoat committee", "squares disappear when cuddie's holla yee", "cutthoat soup" "Wut sup cuttie Pass me that radio raheem" ect.
by dravius December 05, 2007
Top Definition
A female who is cuttable cut. A female who is sexually attractive either by posessing good looks or by having a delicious looking booty.

A female who you find attractive enough to have sex with.
Nic: "Damn Bygs, that girl is lookin super fly"

Bygs: "Damn cuttie, come here and holla at cha boy"
by Nic La Rue February 08, 2005
A term used when one or more a person goes on an expedition with a planed or random destination to enjoy the the company of a friend and some high grade canabis.
Hey!!! Who wants to role on a cuttie with me?
by Doug Petaluma June 26, 2011
Akron, Ohio slang for an Oldsmobile Cutlass, usually of tha 70's-80's era.
Damn, look at dat cuttie, all rimmed up!
by killaforealla July 05, 2006
Cuttie is a definitive term for the female sexual anatomy i.e. the vagina. It is mostly used by males from the southern regions of the U.S. when often times bragging to their male associates about their sexual trysts the night before.
"So how did last night go with ol' girl?"

"Oh you know, I got all up in that cuttie."
by The DomMega April 12, 2009
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