A term to describe a fece that is cut, in half or otherwise, by the sphincter muscles, before being expelled from the anus.

People engaging in anal sex on a regular basis will tend to lose their ability to create proper cutties.

Pronounciation: "Cut-ee" or "Cut-ease" (plural)

Origins: Originally used by Forthpit and HateDept back in the late 90's. Gained use via IRC and Quake gaming community.
Bob tried to do a full log, but instead did two cutties as his sphincter was a bit overactive.
#cutty #cuttie #cutties #fece #quake #forthpit #hatedept #defecation
by Forthpit August 22, 2007
Lockland, Ohio Slang for: "dude", "buddy", "my Peeps"
What's going on cuttie?
by Beerswizle October 13, 2003
mispelling of the word cutie that is just wrong
Woah, look at that nerd, he said cuttie instead of cutie...weirdo!
by Bully88 August 23, 2005
Some fucking neener.
Cuttie, you are a fucking neener.
by Sheldon January 24, 2004
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