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Familiar, endearing name for Syracuse, NY. Used by people of Upstate, New York.
It's snowing in Cuse again.
by Valery Drake March 03, 2005
A University of athletic excellence in upstate New York.
CUSE is in the house, OH MY GOD
by Matt Donovan March 03, 2005
female orifice
Man, she has one fine cuse!
by JamesJJammer January 14, 2012
the ultimate burn ... burn to the MAX
dude, he shizzled your nizzle, thats a top dawg CUSE
by batman --> i mean vanessa May 16, 2003
to make some one feel bad
you look like a dog
you a ugly ho
by valiant williams September 08, 2003
Short for "because".
I'm going to the mall cuse I need some shit.
by Jigga Spice August 16, 2003

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