1.That certain "cupcake" smile you get when you're flirting/communicating with someone through a text, or over the phone.
2. When you are told something sweet that makes you smile.
1.*girl smiles as she looks at her phone*
friend-"Who are you cupcakin?"
by You're too sweet January 14, 2012
Talkin on the phone to a bitch for extended period of time for no reason when others are around pissing them off
Tyler: goddamnit quit cupcakin the games on

Keri: I love you

Tyler :fuckin cupcake
by Snickos May 21, 2009
Putting more work than necessary into a girl in order to get laid.
Dallas has been cupcakin that fat beezy for the last 2 weeks.
by MmmmmThatsGood November 15, 2007
verb/adj, wasting your time with a girl, knowing that you wont get play
lars needs to stop cupcakin with those bitches
by t swoully January 14, 2004
habitual text messaging between two people that usually ends in never actually dating or perhaps never talking in person at all.
"i've been cupcakin' with this guy for weeks but he NEVER really calls me. weird."
by jacylynne August 08, 2008
Main Entry: cupcakin'
Variant(s): or cupcake /'kup kake/
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): cupcaked or; cupcaking

intransitive verb : to converse informally : CHAT; also : to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favor, business, or connections

transitive verb : to engage in cupcaking with <She needed her boyfriend to pay her light bill, so she started cupcakin' wit his ass; and he eventually payed it.>
- cupcaker - noun
by bigmamaog July 31, 2006
1.When one who buys shit and is really nice to someone so that they can be friends with that other person.
2. The act of a guy who doesn't have much game so he buys stuff and does things for a girl so he can get some....even though he never will
Dude your totally cupcakin like a bitch
by Kappa April 22, 2007

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