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The cleavage of a very large-breasted female. In rare cases used to describe an exceptionally obese male.
1. Did you see the cup holder on that chick?
2. He's so fat, he's got a fucking cup holder.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
A CD or DVD drive in a computer.

Derived from the urban myth of the guy on the phone to technical support who thought the CD drive was a cupholder.
I've upgraded the cupholder to a rewriter.
by Dadge June 26, 2007
1. (n) A medal given to the winner of a contest
2. (n) Any large medal hanging from a ribbon
1. Gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals are oversized cupholders.
2. When he was knighted, the queen hung a silver cupholder around his neck.
by Europe1 October 12, 2007
A handjob where the one giving the handjob simply holds their hand out and the one receiving it does all the work. The hand is held in a loose circle and is stationary, much like a cupholder.
1. I couldn't even get a handy- all she gave me was a cup holder.
by LanseDM August 27, 2012
The word Cup Holded refers to a bitch holding you beer, to the cup holder in a car or bike.
Bitch Give me that beer. Hey bro pass the cup in the holder
by Mr. Smith January 09, 2004