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the most unique and most studly person in Philly.

a sex machine

an all niter (24/7)
Damn that boy is PHAT, he must be a Cuong
by Annie March 31, 2005
100 44
common name for a Vietnamese gangsta. Or another name for a wannabe triad or hardass!!
what a cuong!!
did you see that cuong over there??
by cash02 April 06, 2008
56 19
Some one who is very kind and giving. Most of the time is very intelligent and thoughtful, but may fail sometimes.
Dude that kid is really cuong!
by BlakeM525 January 08, 2009
35 19
A male vietnamese stud who is well endowed.
He's huge, he must be a cuong.
by Khuun April 13, 2009
27 25
A homosexual nazi.
Person One: "Cuong sure does blow goatse".
Person Two: "I concur".
by Dohzer July 30, 2003
60 83
The real BTK killer, and long suspected as the Center City rapist
I was walking my dog down the street and that Cuong attacked me and made my Chihuahua ride his baloney pony
by Chio Nutz March 31, 2005
20 65