a police officer who is a spiteful little man. UK slang
"I didn't do nothing wrong CUNTstable"
by Dvar November 22, 2005
Derived from the term 'Constable'. Simply a standard constable with a little, or a lot(in most cases) of cunt in them.
Fuck off cuntstable, i didnt kill the cunt.
by gaucii February 08, 2009
A round about way to call someone a cunt with out being overtly offensive.
That fucking cuntstable slapped me for biting her on the ass.
by themayorofdewey January 16, 2009
any law enforcement officer
what seems to be the problem cunt............stable.
by manfat June 28, 2003
northern english slang (or coloquialism) for a junior Police Constable. The emphasis being on the DISTINCT PAUSE between the first and latter syablles. This is primarily used in the presence of the Police in order to be subversive anjdor rude without being so outrageous as to arrested.
Evening Cunt-Stable how can I help you.

Cunt-Stable, someone has stolen my car, can you help?
Cunt-Stable, have you the time?
by cuntufckstable November 05, 2009
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