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adj. (kun-tish) - posessing the qualities or behaviours of a cunt. see also: kirsty, liz, nichols.
Look at her, she is wearing clothes to small for her and claims to be on a diet but still gets supersize McDonalds
by Will Shakers July 01, 2003
Someone who exhibits the qualities of a cunt (usually used to describe an extremely odious person, or their behavior)
Harnk's insults became increasingly cuntish as the days dragged on, I really wish he would die.
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
Can be used in two ways
1. To describe a person and the way they are acting.
2. To describe a situation that is not fair or wanted.
1. 'What do you mean you want to bone my mum, stop being CUNTISH man'
2. 'Rob said I can't bone his mum, arrgh, that's CUNTISH!'
by ©™ October 16, 2003
A person who displays the qualities of a cunt in general conversation
Sarah: I want to go out with my friends!

Sid: No, you have to sit here and talk to me... I hate you

Sarah: ... Well that was cuntish.
by DSGriot May 26, 2007
An alternate word for chav speak or 'txt' speak. Interchangeble with the word fuckwit, in the context of chav speak.
Chav : Oi m8, wot u lukin' at lyk?
Human : I'm sorry, I don't speak cuntish. Can you repeat that in English for me?
by Watanabe Shinchi October 31, 2006
a person who displays a bad character. Someone with no morals or values. Someone despicable.
That guy Vitale sure has some Cuntish ways about him.
by dfkljd January 05, 2008
A word describing one who creates lame topics in IRC just to have their name in the topic. See also touched by teh crazy
An example of a cuntish person:

<Ligeia`> !topic what the hell is a milquetoast? can i get eggs with that?

* Simone changes topic to 'what the hell is a milquetoast? can i get eggs with that? (Ligeia)'
by Louise Jefferson June 22, 2007