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Someone who exhibits the qualities of a cunt (usually used to describe an extremely odious person, or their behavior)
Harnk's insults became increasingly cuntish as the days dragged on, I really wish he would die.
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
Childish and slightly archaic term for lesbian, the tuppence referring to the clitoris.
tAtU make a living pretending to be young tuppence-lickers, and I for one praise them for it.
by realhandshandy July 16, 2003
Someone in serious denial as to the nature of their hateful obsession with another person they know only through electronic means
You just have to watch the way he stalks JulieBurchill's threads making lewd suggestions about said poster's mother to realise how much Harnk is repressing his homosexuality. A very tragic condition
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
An exclamation of annoyance or frustration.
Clockwork twats! I can't believe what a cunt you are Harnk!
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
An amusing amalgam of twat and cunt, tending towards the meaning of the former.
Harnk, you're such a silly twunt
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
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