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When a bitch has it out to ruin your life such as ratting you out to your girlfriend or giving you a bad rap.
That bitch keeps pullin out the Cuntfu.
by K-Noodle October 30, 2006
Noun: A behavioral, defensive martial art. The ability of a man to resist being manipulated by the batted eyelashes, pouting lips, whines and cutesy baby talk often used by women in order to get their way.

Warning: Successful use of cunt-fu may result in result in tantrum throwing and physical violence by the refused female. Actual paired knowledge of Kung-Fu may be advisable.
Can be referred to as Cute-Fu in more polite circles.
She's pissed because he wouldn't buy her a drink. She did the whole pout and whine thing, but he knows cunt-fu.
by M.Blur January 05, 2011
The art of being the Bruce Lee of pussy pounding.
Guy1: "Hey man, you better make sure you unload that gun before fucking that ho. She's a sex MACHINE!"

Guy2: "No fucking way dude. I know cunt-fu!"
by Bobby "The German" September 15, 2007
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