Defined by something wonderful, exciting and also something dark and mysterious. A merged term of Cunt and Fantastic is can also describe a bitchy gay man.
That party was Cuntastic, everyone had so much fun. Or "Byron is my Most Cuntastic friend".
by Dyslexic Sicko June 08, 2014


Related Forms


1. Wonderfully irritated.

2. Ill towards others do to being a cunt/bitch with something to prove.

- Normally female rookie police officers with no real crime to fight, fill the need to pursue law abiding citizens, make up events, and circumvent procedures to fuck up their lives.
Officer whore was very cuntastic when she charged three motorcyclist with reckless driving purely off witness statements such as the non driving cunt that failed to check her mirrors prior to changing lanes, causing a collision with the third motorcyclist.
by FriendlyMotorcyclist March 08, 2012
Adj., a sarcastic exclamation or modifier combining the negative connotation of "cunt" with the positive connotation of "fantastic" as such.
Adv., cuntastically
Alt: Cunt-tastic
Broseph: Your new bitch is cuntastic, brah. She's got DDs and a presentable mug but damn, her personality is irredeemable.
Bromine: She's a piece of ass, but I'll never get out; she knows about our circle-jerk parties and is leveraging that to keep me at bay.
Broseph: Derrrrrrrrr...She's okay by me, then.

Rodney: How's your mother-in-law been? I know she's about to go...
Percy: Cuntastically as ever! Damn it's gonna be a relief when she finally submits; I'd rather contend with a mourner than a perpetual PMSer.
Rodney: Mazel tov!
by Texan Tile November 08, 2010
every girl that doesn't like me, ugly girls, fat girls, smelly girls, anyone girl not super model like.
May is cuntastic!
by naughtyroxy October 12, 2008
1.) Person(s), Thing(s), etc... that resemble or have similar properties as the female cunt.
2.) Something that is fiendish
3.) A great thing
Example: Colin was quite cuntastic when she talked about the spring meadows
by Dean "TheJewishHeat" Tye September 14, 2004
A delightful but incredibly cuntie girl or situation.
Michiko is fucking cuntastic.

There's penut butter in my hair, cuntastic.
by Phillipjacker December 03, 2014

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