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The act of a woman flailing around in pleasure as someone fingers her, thus making her much like a puppet upon their hand.
I tell ya, Maggie was quite the cunt puppet last night. I almost lost my hand to her.
by DARKJESTER December 29, 2004
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A female who thrashes about spewing obscenties while being vaginally fisted.
My exgirlfriend was a proper lady in public but turned into a raging cunt puppet when I'd cram a hand up her twat.
by stonelotus June 09, 2009
A person who is a total fucking useless waste of skin; a complete fucking slut; someone who carries more STD's then Teeth.
Katie: You are a useless father.
Me: Shut the Fuck up Cunt Puppet!
by YT (Yours Truly) February 03, 2009

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