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Individuals like jesse jackson and al sharpton who seek out controversial incidents or subject matter to incite their followers' often violent reactions for the purpose of receiving attention.

It should be noted that Tension Whores are not limited to racial matters. Other notable Tension Whores include:
Rosie O'Donnell, Geraldo Rivera, and Jerry Springer.

Tension Whores should not be confused with simple Attention Whores.

The tension whores descended on Don Imus over his racially charged comments on TV and demanded his resignation.
by stonelotus April 11, 2007
1. The system of maintaining control over a nation by utilizing the media, usually perpetrated under the guise of "Freedom of Speech". A system of mediocracy is not limited strictly to using the mass media or mainstream media to achieve its ends. It may often use "independent" and "underground" media outlets, such as blogs and podcasts, to achieve its ends.

2. The third horseman of the Military Industrial Media Complex (formerly known as the Military Industrial Complex).
def. 1. - The United States claims to be a democracy but in reality it is a mediaocracy.

def. 2. - The mediaocracy is instrumental in creating an environment of unrest and political, social, class, & racial polarization among our citizens to distract them from the real issues.
by stonelotus May 03, 2007
A female who thrashes about spewing obscenties while being vaginally fisted.
My exgirlfriend was a proper lady in public but turned into a raging cunt puppet when I'd cram a hand up her twat.
by stonelotus June 09, 2009

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