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When a celebrity finds a look alike to have sex with half of the groupies that want to have sex with the celebrity.
Tom Hanks found a look alike to have sex with the ugly bitches he gets. Now he has a cunt double.
by Donnyluc15 April 19, 2010

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When a female porn star's vagina needs a break.
Female porn star, "my pussy is getting tired. Bring in the cunt double!"
by HamSolo January 23, 2012
similar to a stunt double, the cunt is the replica of a cunt but of lesser quality and therefore must be the double.
"bitch you was aight, but you was kinda a cuntdouble"- Phil West
"yo, that bitch was a mothafuckin cuntdouble, yada" - Charlie Yedor
"you fuckin cuntdouble" - Phil West
by Philisophocles III August 02, 2007
When a guy has sex with a chick who looks like a female version of them self.
Dude, that chick was totally your cunt double, really freaked me out to be honest!
by Scroutie McBuggerballs August 16, 2010