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3 definitions by ezydriver

A rather large, hard aggresive penis which throbs with a relentlessly strong pulse, which is ready for eruption at any given moment.
"What is that in your pocket?"
"That, my darling, is my blue veined hooligan, and he's going mad"
by ezydriver March 08, 2008
To be called a cunt twice in the same sentence.

It can be especially attributed to somebody who has acted in such a way that their cuntworthiness is doubled, therefore justifying such a title.
"Why did you fuck my cat and traumtise it so much? You cunting cunt!"

"Ouch, I have just been double cunted"
by ezydriver March 08, 2008
A lady who loves to fellate, but is so old she has lost her teeth, and so only has gums.
"She was old enough to be my gran, but I just closed my eyes, and I couldn't tell she was a gummy gobbler.
by ezydriver March 08, 2008