(kunt rok-ett)
n. vulgar slang

1. A projectile mainly consisting of the human female genitalia.

2. A flying cunt
Let's go read "To Kill A Mockingbird"!

How about no, you cunt rocket...
by Jake-a-Jew February 01, 2006
Top Definition
Projectile female ejaculation. The type brought on by explosive orgasms.
Whoa shit. That was so good I shot a cunt rocket clear across the room!
by whoopi July 23, 2006
A penis that has seen the inside of many cunts.
Best used if the penis in question can go very fast and/or is very large.

Can also be used as an insult.
My cuntrocket fucking pwnd you, bitch.
"Look at that emo!" "I know, what a cuntrocket."
by Master Cuntrocket February 18, 2006
A person who drives their car, truck or SUV, erratically through traffic at dangerous speeds in hopes to either; A. Reach a destination sooner than others or; B. Impress a 16 year old girl with half hazard vehicle control and lack of appreciation for any one's safety.
Hey look at that crappy little civic weaving through traffic, he almost clipped us!" " That kid is such a Cunt Rocket!
by it'sonlybusiness October 20, 2010
A cuntrocket is what Santa lights at the end of a parade. Typically bottle rockets lit out of a vagina.
My that was a fantastic display of cuntrockets at the 1st annual 3rd of July parade.
by guy663843471 July 04, 2011
Slang for Tampon.
Cher is on the rag again. I saw her at the drug store buying some cunt rockets so she don't bleed on everything.
by whispering rain January 10, 2014
A tactless, passive aggressive, dumbfuck of a person.
"Alex told everyone that I got fired from my job, ugh such a cuntrocket"
by cyal82 January 05, 2014
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