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To wash up the stinkiest parts with a small washcloth and hot water in the sink - MAYBE a dash of soap, MAYBE.

More derrogatory synonym - German bath. Most commonly used by older Europeans, usually from countries invaded by Germany in WWII.
Man, my alarm didn't go off! I had to make-do with a whore bath and dash out the door.
by whoopi July 23, 2006
Projectile female ejaculation. The type brought on by explosive orgasms.
Whoa shit. That was so good I shot a cunt rocket clear across the room!
by whoopi July 23, 2006
Grabbing someone's entire breast and twisting heartilly. Similar to purple nurple, but using the whole breast. Also similar to indian sunburn, but usually a one-handed assault. Most effective on B or C cup sizes. A's are too small to grab and D's or larger usually have more surface area to allow for differential expansion.

There is the rare double purple tit twister, but carrying school books in one arm usually shields at least one mammary gland.

Quite common among younger adolescents or pre-teens when one or two classmates suddenly show up with C-cups after summer break.
Heee heeee. Tina grew some big ones, man! Let's wait around the corner and give her a purple tit twister when she comes around!
by whoopi July 23, 2006
To have that indefinable, yet distinctive smell commonly found in old people's homes, clothing, nursing homes. Usually a mix of mothballs or cedar, a week's worth of cooking smells, unwashed clothing with a dash of b.o. and incontinence. Known to cling to clothing and hair of other folks after visiting old neighbors or relative.
Dude. You been hangin' out with gramma? You smell like old.
by whoopi July 23, 2006
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