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Those of us who can "speak" to the pussy are said to be "Cunnilingual"
In pop-up surveys about what language(s) we speak, there should be an entry if you feel you are "Cunnilingual"
by Midnight_Rider August 07, 2005
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kuhn-l-ing-gwuhl - (1) adjective - a man who accepts oral stimulation of his penis by women, and who returns the favor by licking vagina.

(1) advice - Being cunnilingual greatly increases your chances of getting a blow job (2) contextual - "I'm not into the 69 thing, baby; I'm not cunnilingual".

by groundworking January 25, 2009
From Latin "lingua" (tongue) and "Cunni" (cunts cunnus being the singular version), a cunnilingual is someone who is proficient at attaching his tongue to a pussy.
"... he is cunnilingual. How many languages does he speak?"
by MinisterE September 09, 2014

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